A 3 step process to increase the innovation success in your organization

How does it work?

We'll guide you from start to finish.

Invite your people to our simulation test

Invite your people to our simulation test

Define the scope and select the employees you wish to take part. Invite these employees to the INNDUCE.me platform by sending them a personal link. After taking the simulation test, they receive a personal report explaining their innovation profile and giving tips & tricks to improve.

 Analyse the results

Analyse the results

By accessing the interactive dashboard, management can discover the individual innovation performance of the employees on the one hand and the total innovation performance of the company on the other, benchmarked against peers.

Implement the results & get coaching

Implement the results & get coaching

Next, it is time to act. Use the information from the dashboard to compose efficient innovation dream teams, to re-orientate employees or to organise specific coaching. Our team of organisational psychologists can guide you along the way.

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What these insights will teach you

How to turn innovative ideas into success

Generating ideas is not enough to succeed in innovation. With INNDUCE.me, you will learn which skills you need in your team to be successful at innovation.

How to avoid costly miss-hires

Did you know a ‘miss-hire’ can cost companies three times the annual salary of the individual? Get to know the innovation skills of candidates during the recruiting process.

How to optimize innovation from within your company

With INNDUCE.me you learn about the skills of your people and get the most out of your employees by composing successful innovation teams.

How HR can have a strategic impact on innovation

INNDUCE.me will uncover the innovation strengths & weaknesses of your organisation. Use this information to set up a clever hiring and personal development strategy.

INNDUCE.me is used by


Learn about your innovation
talent and improve your skills

  • Access to simulation test
  • Personal innovation profile
  • Detailed psychological report


Detect the innovation strengths in your company
and boost internal innovation

  • The individual plan, plus:
  • Management report
  • Coaching


Build an innovation strategy around the people you
already have or wish to hire

  • The team plan, plus:
  • Interactive management dashboard
  • API integration

We have been working with...

"We were looking for a tool to measure the innovation skills of people. We have integrated INNDUCE.me because of its evidence-based approach and high validity." - Joachim Vercouter, Selor

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Did you know?

Team composition is the key for innovation success


Are you able to think in an innovative way?

Problem recognition & analysis, Idea generation, Evaluation & selection


Can you find the resources for realization?

Gaining enthusiasm, finding support, obtaining approval, mobilizing funds


Can you put ideas into practice?

Assessing feasibility, developing, prototyping, testing, communicating progress, realizing

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Meet the team!

Jef Vandenberghe - Co-founder

Jef Vandenberghe - Co-founder

Jef has been working in innovation consulting for over 10 years. He witnessed innovation success and failure. Intrigued by the human side of innovation he founded INNDUCE.me.

Prof. Dr. Frederik Anseel - Research

Prof. Dr. Frederik Anseel - Research

Frederik is a Professor of Work Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Ghent University. In his role as department chair, he built a team of scientific experts and entrepreneurs in creativity and innovation. He has led the research where INNDUCE.me is based upon.

Saar van Lysebetten - Research

Saar van Lysebetten - Research

Saar is working as a PhD student at the Department of Personnel Management, Work & Organizational Psychology of Ghent University. She is responsible for the psychological aspect of INNDUCE.me and is specialised in the development of simulation tests & training.

Mathieu Mottrie - Co-founder

Mathieu Mottrie - Co-founder

As CEO of the innovation consulting company CREAX, Mathieu acts as an advisor for the INNDUCE.me team. With his vast experience in leading the innovation processes of big companies he pushes the team forward with useful insights.