Discover your innovation skills calculates a personal score on three main innovation skills. This score is benchmarked against different norm groups. Each individual receives a personal report which details the result and highlights potential to improve.

What these insights will teach you

How to turn innovative ideas into success

Generating ideas is not enough to succeed in innovation. With, you will learn which skills you need in your team to be successful at innovation.

How to avoid costly miss-hires

Did you know a ‘miss-hire’ can cost companies three times the annual salary of the individual? Get to know the innovation skills of candidates during the recruiting process.

How to optimize innovation from within your company

With you learn about the skills of your people and get the most out of your employees by composing successful innovation teams.

How HR can have a strategic impact on innovation will uncover the innovation strengths & weaknesses of your organisation. Use this information to set up a clever hiring and personal development strategy.