Unique & objective assessment mapping innovation skills

Focus on innovation, not just creativity

Contrary to some other assessments on creativity INNDUCE.me focusses on innovation. In the table hereunder

you will find the main characteristics of the assessment:

Focus on innovation,      not just creativity

Innduce.me is

  • Focus on innovation (incl. creativity)
  • Situational Judgment Test
  • Objective & based on science
  • Choose the option leading to the best innovation result
  • 15 real situations to be judged
  • Valid for Europe incl. Russia, North America & Australia & New Zeeland
  • Duration of 1 hour
  • Online
  • Individual report after the test immediately available

Innduce.me isn’t

  • Focus on creativity only
  • Self assessment
  • Subjective
  • What do you prefer
  • Questionnaire to be answered
  • Worldwide valid
  • Duration of 10’ to 15’
  • In person
  • Standardized report

Get to know our INNDUCE.me experts

Peter Daels | Managing Director

Peter Daels | Managing Director

Peter worked for 15 years in market research before joining INNDUCE.me. During this period he focused on strategic market research for employees & customers

Prof. Dr. Frederik Anseel | Research

Prof. Dr. Frederik Anseel | Research

Prof. dr. Frederik Anseel was Professor of Work Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Ghent University before he joined King's College in London. Since November 2019, he is Professor of Management and Associate Dean Research, at the UNSW Business School Sydney.

Jef Vandenberghe | Co-founder

Jef Vandenberghe | Co-founder

Jef has been working in innovation consulting for over 10 years. He witnessed innovation success and failure. Intrigued by the human side of innovation he founded INNDUCE.me.

Mathieu Mottrie | Co-founder

Mathieu Mottrie | Co-founder

As CEO of the innovation consulting company Creax, Mathieu acts as an advisor for the INNDUCE.me team. With his vast experience in leading the innovation processes of big companies he pushes the team forward with useful insights.


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