How prepared is your company for innovation?

How prepared is your company for innovation?

Do you also struggle with:

  • putting innovation into practice?
  • lack of time to innovate?
  • increasing the success rate of your innovation projects?
  • resistance to change?

If this sound familiar, there is no need to panic. developed a simple but proven formula for organizational success in innovation to unleash the full innovation potential of your company.


Every organization aspires to stay relevant and successful in the future. Many companies consider innovation to be difficult, slow and risky but it really shouldn't. It does, however, require minor yet crucial changes to your current way of working. Above all, you need to focus on two core aspects of innovation – the organizational support from leadership and the people involved in innovation. discovered a simple but proven formula to organize successful innovation.


It all starts at the top with the leadership ready to allocate the necessary resources and cultivate an innovation-friendly working climate. During a workshop with the leadership team, we use our IBOS framework to help you identify your innovation type, define strategical; innovation benefits, translate these benefits into objectives and develop a comprehensive innovation plan. As such, we transform your leadership buy-in into organizational support for innovation.

We identify those amongst your workforce who demonstrate the most effective innovative work behavior and train those who want to become better and stronger at innovation. As a result, you will enlarge your pool of innovation talents and unleash the innovation potential of your people.

Our 3T's solutions will allow you to test and train the innovative work behavior of your people and build strong and complimentary project teams to make innovation happen.

Next, we help you establish an organizational framework to promote cross-silo cooperation and strike a balance between top-down and bottom-up innovation, orchestrated by dedicated innovation coach(es) that were identified and selected in phase 2.

The combination of the three pillars thrives an environment where ideas can flourish, guided by organization's values and goals. It also creates a true innovation climate that encourages innovation, fosters creativity and growth and becomes a way of working in daily activities.

Do you want to stay ahead of competition but how do you start?

Do you want to innovate faster and more efficiently but you don't really know how?

Do you want to grow your business but you are already in a mature & competitive market?

Do you want to boost your innovation culture but don't know how to start?

Then you better start to develop the organizational support from leadership and the innovative work behavior of your people. By using our 3T's solution you will be able to identify, train and team up your strong & complementary innovators and accelerate the innovation projects of your company.

With our human innovation solution, we objectively identify the innovation profiles and stimulate the innovation skills of your people on an individual basis. Last but not least, you will be capable of building Innovation Dream Teams with strong & complementary innovation profiles and accelerating and de-risk your company's innovation. Because people innovate. Not companies.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Trusted by top global brands.

Veerle Van Wassenhove, VP Group Innovation & Renaat Geldhof, Global HRBP at Bekaert

" delivers actionable insights to build strong innovation teams."

Jan Houben, Talent Manager & Quinten De Witte, Innovation & Sustainability Manager at Arvesta

"Efficient innovation needs people with specific profiles"

Christian Deslypere, Key Account Manager BU High Value at Ahlers

" is a great tool for employees and employers to build teams for the important challenges that every company will have to go through sooner or later: change, innovation, ideation & implementation."

Marlies Maene, Teamleider Loopbaanbegeleiding at Mintus

The selection procedure showed the highly innovative character of our new care innovator. That this is also objectively determined by the Situational Judgement Test of is, therefore, an absolute added value.

Dirk De Boe, Founder of Creashock

If only this test existed 20 years ago!

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