Map & train innovation skills of your people

Map & train innovation skills of your people

No people, no innovation.

Do you feel like you have a team of talented individuals, but aren't sure how to identify and utilize their innovation skills?

Are you also struggling to effectively innovate within your company?

Look no further, helps companies to innovate faster, smarter & more efficiently by mapping & training the innovation skills of people. Based on the objective insights of our research-based tools, you will be able to able to unlock the full innovation potential of your people.

Unleash the innovation potential of your workforce!

Innovation is crucial to future-proof your organization but it is also complex, risky, and slow.

Map the innovation profiles of your People with our individual Individual Online Assessment

Improve the innovation skills and competences of your People with our Case-based Training Tool

  • Case-based test (Situational Judgement Test)
  • Co-created by the University of Ghent & Creax
  • Unbiased & objective assessment of 20 innovation skills
  • 100% online test and on an individual basis
  • Average duration of 1 hour per assessment
  • Available in multiple languages (English, French, Dutch, Spanish & German)
  • 9 innovation cases to be resolved in 4 steps.
  • Learn how to think, decide and act as an innovation expert
  • Co-created by the University of Ghent & Creax
  • 100% online and on an individual basis
  • 20 hours of training
  • Available in multiple languages (English, French & Dutch)

Free demo Individual Assessment

Free demo of our Case-based Training Tool (soon available)

The services of are available on an individual, team or company level. At the individual level, we will develop a personal development plan to drive your innovation. At team and company level, you will be able to build your innovation dream team(s) based on our objective insights.

Do you want to stay ahead of competition but how do you start?

Do you want to innovate faster and more efficiently but you don't really know how?

Do you want to grow your business but you are already in a mature & competitive market?

Do you want to boost your innovation culture but don't know how to start?

Then you better map, train and team up with your strong & complementary innovators to future-proof your company.

With our human innovation solution, we objectively identify the innovation profiles and stimulate the innovation skills of your people on an individual basis. Last but not least, you will be capable of building Innovation Dream Teams with strong & complementary innovation profiles and accelerating and de-risk your company's innovation. Because people innovate. Not companies.

First things first!
Try our free demo & discover how is objectively mapping innovation skills.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Trusted by top global brands.

Veerle Van Wassenhove, VP Group Innovation & Renaat Geldhof, Global HRBP at Bekaert

" delivers actionable insights to build strong innovation teams."

Jan Houben, Talent Manager & Quinten De Witte, Innovation & Sustainability Manager at Arvesta

"Efficient innovation needs people with specific profiles"

Christian Deslypere, Key Account Manager BU High Value at Ahlers

" is a great tool for employees and employers to build teams for the important challenges that every company will have to go through sooner or later: change, innovation, ideation & implementation."

Marlies Maene, Teamleider Loopbaanbegeleiding at Mintus

The selection procedure showed the highly innovative character of our new care innovator. That this is also objectively determined by the Situational Judgement Test of is, therefore, an absolute added value.

Dirk De Boe, Founder of Creashock

If only this test existed 20 years ago!

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