• Who are the innovators in your company?
  • What innovation profiles do you already have?
  • Innovation is teamwork but how big is such a team?
  • In which role are your employees at their strongest within the innovation team?

Find answers to these questions together with Add Value and INNDUCE.me, put together your 'Innovation Dream Team' and get your company ready for the future!

Add Value helps organizations build strong and 'agile' innovative 'dream teams'. Add Value's consultants use the evidence-based platform INNDUCE.me to identify and develop innovation potential within your team(s), in an objective way.

Add Value is a specialized recruiting firm that adds value by helping clients to strengthen their organization and candidates to develop as an individual. They provide advice that helps individuals improve their careers and even the quality of their lives.

INNDUCE.me is the result of collaboration between the renowned innovation consultant Creax in Kortrijk and the Department of Industrial & Organisational Psychology at Ghent University. The assessment objectively and scientifically maps out the innovation profile of both current and new employees of the company.

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