People also make the difference in Innovation Management

Peter Daels –

After this first covid19 outbreak companies in Europe are preparing to safely start again. First focus is on daily operations but most companies realize innovation will be crucial to be successful in the future.

In this talk, Peter explained on the findings of recent research done by Creax on the new trends in innovation management. The research clearly shows the necessity to become an ambidextrous organization.

Successful ambidextrous companies have the ability to simultaneously combine operational excellence with fast & efficient innovation. The research confirms how people occupy more and more a central role in innovation management.

Innovatie or Die - How to build an innovation team to survive the future

Innovation is crucial for companies to survive. But creative professionals are not just pawns that you can place on a board to win the game. They have their strengths, weaknesses and preferences. They are people after all. Innovation booster Peter Daels shows you how an objective assessment can give you the tools to build a top performing innovation team, and how to select existing profiles or hire new experts with the right skills and traits. You will learn to assemble an innovation dream team that brings creative ideas to the market faster and more efficiently.

The future starts now, are you ready?

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