In every selection procedure, employers look for the strongest candidate. The white raven that meets as many (preferably all) competencies as possible. But what if the most crucial competence for the job is difficult to measure objectively? When social care provider Mintus looked for a highly innovative candidate, they needed a valid test to assess this competence.

Fortunately for them, their framework agreement with Poolstok gave them access to the situational judgment test from This evaluation was integrated into the assessment procedure by Ascento and gave Mintus just what they needed: a complete picture of the innovative skills of the candidates. This made it easy for them to select the right candidate for this crucial job.

"The selection procedure showed the highly innovative character of our new care innovator. That this is also objectively determined by the Situational Judgement Test of is, therefore, an absolute added value".

Marlies Maene, career coach Mintus

"As an assessor, the test gave me a lot of information that was confirmed throughout the assessment. Besides that, the collaboration with Peter from went very smoothly. He responds quickly and is always willing to provide additional explanation."

Serafien Wittoek, Freelance HR Consultant Ascento

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